My Cousin Rachel is a romantic thriller starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin, directed by Roger Michell. The film is released in cinemas around the world from June 9th.

“Rael Jones’ judiciously used score balances romance and foreboding.” – Hollywood Reporter

“…greatly abetted by Rael Jones’ powerful music score which is almost like an essential additional character, deeply stirring but never intrusive.” – Film Journal International

“…it is a fantastically preposterous psychological drama featuring a lush score from Rael Jones and a tremendous lead performance from Rachel Weisz.” – The Guardian – Peter Bradshaw

“Until Rachel’s arrival, the Ashley estate — an atmospheric stretch of green-grey marshes and moors along the coast of Cornwall, England, given texture through Rael Jones’ hypnotically repetitive piano score — is a nearly all-male domain.” – Variety

“There’s much twisting, churning, psychological mystery to be enjoyed here, helped by Rael Jones’ firmly directional score” – ScreenDaily

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My Cousin Rachel - Trailer