Harlots is a drama TV series from Hulu and ITV, featuring original music by Rael Jones.

“It’s diverting, with a fun contemporary soundtrack” – The Arts Desk

“Every episode is a conscientious construction depicting a woman’s view of this word, from the modern, electric guitar-and-synth soundtrack to the drama’s first glimpse of illicit coitus — a woman on top, of course.” – Salon

“For this period drama with a stylish contemporary twist, Jones has eschewed the period elegance that defined his superlative MY COUSIN RACHEL score and given HARLOTS its own superlative treatment through a very modern vibe with a lot of attitude that befits the independent and self-assured characters depicted in the show. The soundtrack mixes electronica and stoner rock genres, underpinning the story and reflecting the experiences and rebellious nature of the ladies; and it’s a deliciously faded jewel and a most welcome musical bedfellow. Jones’s main theme is instantly infectious, a definitive electric guitar melody over a shuffling bass and drum beat, while a secondary theme (“Sexual Vocation”) drolly defines the ladies’ horizontal trade with a kind of tiresome arcing bass motor device over busy percussion and keyboard, devoid of passion and intensity – it’s all work, after all. Jones reserves the latter for the social intercourse between the women, energizing it with cool variations like the effervescent “The Vilest Sin,” wherein it sparkles with piercing electric guitar notes, vibrant and assertive drum beats, energetic keyboard arpeggios, and all manner of assorted and intriguing instrumental textures.” – Buy Soundtrax, Randall Larson

Hear some of the soundtrack below: