Praise for Rael’s soundtrack:

“The buoyant waltz themes of Rael Jones’ score fit the material to perfection.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Rael Jones’ immersive score does wonders too, adding to the mix yet never ladling on the syrup. And at the end, when all is said and done, don’t be surprised if you’re not only struck by how delightful it all was but by the sheer audacity that it got made at all.” – Chicago Indy Critics

“The rhythm of the musical score will lift your spirit with every bit of good fortune that Ada Harris experiences during her travels to discover herself and her dream to own a Christian Dior gown. The compelling and delightful musical score inspired the cinematography and set designs and will inspire you as you leave the theatre with its essence of positivity and joy.” – AMC Artisan Films

“This tone of wonderment seeps into the House of Dior, too, especially permeating Harris’s greatest scene, the Dior fashion show. Accompanied by Rael Jones’ dreamy, romantic piano score, the pageant forces even the fashion cynic to watch with bated breath.” – Paste Magazine

Hear the soundtrack here.

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