(Original Music By Rael Jones)

Suite Française is a Weinstein company / BBC Films feature starring Michelle Williams, Kristen Scott Thomas, Matthias Schoenaerts, Margot Robbie and Sam Riley, directed by Saul Dibb. Based on the novels by Iréne Némirovsky, the story is set in France during the German occupation. The film is on international cinema release in 2015.

The score evokes the menace of the Nazi movement, but also romance as a forbidden relationship blossoms between French wife Lucille and German Officer Bruno. Written for Strings, Harp, Piano, Horn and Percussion, the score was recorded in Abbey Road Studios 1 and 2 in London.  Rael orchestrated and performed Piano on the score, also appearing in the film as Piano hand double for Bruno.

The CD of the soundtrack is now available on Amazon and digitally on iTunes, with clips streamable on Soundcloud below.

As well as being played on BBC Radio 3, the score has been mentioned in many of the reviews of the film:

“…a wonderful soundtrack written by Rael Jones” – Moviez Magazine

“in a story where music serves an integral narrative function, Rael Jones’s pretty, heavily worked score can justify its degree of ornamentation” – Variety

“The significance of music is obviously written into the film’s title, Suite Francaise being the soundtrack’s central piano piece. It connects the two main characters as a means of communication long before words do, and the way that Rael Jones has worked the piece into the soundtrack is impressive and atmospheric. Even in the most threatening moments, the soft piano sounds have a calming effect not only on Lucille but also on the audience that sympathises with her predicament.” – Filmwerk

“Visually, the film looks gorgeous and, when combined with the rich musical score of Rael Jones and Dibb’s deft direction, Suite Française emerges a winner.” – Times of Malta

“…all set to a wonderful Rael Jones score…” – Toronto Film Scene

“…the delicate, occasionally sweeping musical soundtrack from Rael Jones” – The People’s Movies

“cinematography from Eduard Grau and music by Rael Jones beautifully underscore this Spring must see.” – Westend Report

“It is also beautifully shot and, as you might expect, has a lovely score from Rael Jones.” – Double Skinny Macchiato

Some of the romantic music from Rael’s score is used in the latter half of the trailer below.