Mandrake is an album of cinematic chamber music, written for string quintet, piano and acoustic guitars.

Press for Mandrake

“Mandrake is his personal statement, a powerful foray into the front office of modern composition…..Exciting, sure-footed and professional, this is a work from an artist who has mastered the lessons of the industry and is ready to step out on his own” – A Closer Listen

“Both painfully beautiful, and utterly engaging… A subtly complex album, whose emotional tenor is consistently nuanced, but it’s a bright set of compositions, full of clarity and precision… (He is) preposterously skilled and gifted at scoring for a small number of strings, and he’s a heart stopping melodist. This is utterly lovely music.” – Oliver Arditi

“Rael Jones is a special talent whose music takes all sorts of blissful twists & turns” – Fresh on the Net

“As a composer, Jones’s melodic material is accessible without lacking in integrity and emotional but not sentimental. His oft-romantic music exudes a melodic grace and at times unabashed emotional intensity” – Textura

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